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Babecall Desktop
Babecall is the calling application that allows you to make calls using your phone or your PC audio (similar to Skype), billed securely via credit card.
Babecall works anywhere in the world using your PC audio (similar to Skype), or you can use your phone using one of the local access numbers provided.
Windows 7 Instructions Windows 10 Instructions Mac Instructions
We are constantly expanding our list of international phone numbers, if there isn't one for your country then you should use your PC audio.
All calls are shown as a normal call (standard call to a standard number) on your bill.
Yes, absolutely. We have partnered with VXSBill for processing all credit card transactions. We do not store your credit card details.
Charges will show discreetly as 'Telephone Advice' on your card statement.
Once logged in you can clearly see all the calls you have made, together with all the charges which have been made to your credit card.
Once logged in you will see the ‘Top Up’ button in green. You will be given the option to top up via card or SMS. You will also have the ability to add new card details.
Yes, your credits are valid for use for 3 months from and including the date you purchase them or for 3 months from and including the date you opt to top-up your credits, provided you opt to top-up before the end of the relevant three-month period. For example: Example 1 (where no top-up of credits happens) January 1st – you purchase 100 credits (“First Credit Bundle”) March 25th – you receive a text message/email reminding you either to make use of any credits left in the First Credit Bundle (eg: 50 unused) or top-up any that remain unused. March 31st – the 50 unused credits (or the balance then unused) expire unless you have opted to top them up. Example 2 (where credits are topped-up) January 1st – you purchase 100 credits (First Credit Bundle) March 25th - you receive a text message/email reminding you either to make use of any credits left in the First Credit Bundle (eg: 50 unused) or top-up any that remain unused. March 28th – you respond to the text message / email by opting to top-up the 50 unused credits by paying for a further 50 credits – you now have 50 unused credits added to 50 new credits (100 in total) 23rd – May, you receive a text message/email reminding you either to make use of the unused balance of the 100 credits, top-up or where all previous credits have already been used, to purchase a new credit bundle. The important point to remember is that unless you top up by the end of the next following three month period, any unused credits left from the immediately preceding three-month period will automatically expire.
Credit card bundles start at £9.95 for 100 credits and increase to £199.95 for 2000 credits. SMS topups are also available, starting at £10 for 50 credits and increasing to £50 for 250 credits.
Your questions, comments and complaints are important to us. Please contact our customer care team via e-mail at [email protected] or call us between the hours of 8:00am and 2:00am 7 days a week on 0333 335 0299.
Six months, after that time credits will be non-redeemable and non-refundable so please do keep an eye on your account balance.
Depending on your concern you may be entitled to a refund, please see our terms of service for full information on our refund policy. Contact our friendly customer care team at [email protected]
The Instant Messaging Service
This service allows customers to instant message girls including sending and receiving messages and pictures.
You simply go to, log in and look for the link that says ‘sextme’.
The service will cost 15 credits for each message received from the girl you have instant messaged.
The girl sees the messages, and these are securely stored on a database.
The IM service is a fantasy service only and therefore if you message a presenter’s name it is more than likely that the reply will be provided by another person under the guise of that presenters name – hence the fantasy of interacting with your chosen presenter’s brand identity.
Perv cam is a service that allows you to interact live with Babestation girls via webcam, voice and an online live messaging service.
You use Perv Cam by quickly and easily creating a Babecall account. Once you’re account is created it’s up to you how you use your credits. Some of the channels listed on the right hand side are free to watch, others are premium services usually highlighted by the word Pervcam next to the girls name. Once you have selected the channel you can then choose whether to start spending credits by selecting one of the buttons on the right hand side of the page. Either ‘start pervcam’ ‘request private’ or ‘request cam2cam’.
Yes! You have 3 choices. You can either call by phone which is charged at £2.00 per min plus your phone company’s access charge. Call using your credits by dialing the 0333 number which is charged at 15 credits per min. Alternately you can call using your PC and microphone which is also charged at 15 credits per minute. You will be shown a unique PIN number that you will be prompted to enter at the beginning of the voice call.
You can choose to either top up and pay using your credit card or via SMS. All pricing and bundle details can be found above under "what bundles can I buy?".
No. Some girls when logged in offer a cam2cam or cam2studio service, however if you don’t want to be seen you don’t have to.
Only the girl will know when someone is watching, but none of your personal details are shared with anyone at any point. For more information on your rights concerning personal information please Click Here to see our Privacy Policy. If you choose to chat using the chat box only your username will be shown however everyone watching will see your messages, including the girls.
Private shows cost a little more, 50 credits per minute as opposed to 30 (However the cost of credits per minute can vary.) The biggest difference being that only you will be watching the girl. The girl is often more likely to be able to do much more for you when you choose to enter into a private chat with her.
Perv cam uses a credit system, which you purchase using the aforementioned payment techniques. 30 credits per minute for standard perv cam, and 50 credits per minute for private shows. (However this is subject to change). We also offer two private session packages: - 5 minutes for a minimum of 250 credits, then 50 credits per minute. - 10 minutes for minimum of 500 credits, then 50 credits per minute. If you terminate the session before the 5 or 10 minutes have ended, you will still have used the minimum amount of credits on your account. 250 or 500 credits respectively.
First check that you have the relevant software installed, you may need to update your Flash Player. Also re-loading the page can sometimes help. If you still can’t view the service you can contact our customer care team via email on [email protected] or call them on 0333 335 0299 between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00am, 7 days a week.
Babecall Web App
When you enter on your mobile you will be taken to the Babecall web app. This powerful site allows you to not only watch the girls live, but also to speak to them one to one using pre-paid credits paid for using your card.
It’s really easy. Just click on the register link on the mobile site and in a couple of quick and easy minutes you will be registered and deciding which bundles to use. We don’t ask for any personal details other than a valid e-mail address and a password. If you decide to buy credits using your card, you will need to supply your card details.
Yes, absolutely. We have partnered with VXSBill for processing all credit card transactions. We do not store your credit card details.
Charges will show discreetly as 'Telephone Advice' on your card statement.
Ideally one you have never used elsewhere, this lowers the risk of fraud. Also the password should be at least 8 characters in length, including upper and lowercase letters along with numbers in order to make it as difficult as possible for someone to guess.
Topups are in increments of 100 credits (£10), 200 credits (£20), 500 credits (£50), 1000 credits (£100), 2000 credits (£200) and 5000 credits (£500).
Babestation General FAQs
Babestation launched in 2002 on SKY TV, and was the first channel in the UK to offer viewers the ability to speak one to one with either a girl on-screen or at home. Since this time the channel has continued to grow and now exists on Sky, Freeview and Virgin TV respectively and has spawned many iterations over the years. is the shows flagship website and now offers customers many different services and payment methods through it’s recently launched Babecall service.
A pin is an easy way to select which girl you wish to speak with. As there can be multiple girls at any one time available, it’s important that we put you through to the right one. Sometimes you may be issued a pin and required to give it when connecting with a girl. This is simply for your protection.
Premium Rate Services
Premium rate services are made up of prefix codes which are charged at differing rates depending on the number dialled, any connection charges used by the service and the network access charge used by your own service provider.
These are services which are charged to your mobile phone when either texting, or requesting services from a service provider (such as pictures or videos).
These services are designed specifically for adults, over the age of 18. The person using the service must also either be responsible for paying the phone bill, or have the bill payers permission.
It depends; but generally speaking the average cost per minute is either £1.50 or £2.00 from landlines. Calls from Mobiles tend to be either .60p, £1.50 or £2.00 dependant on the number you are calling. Connection fee’s can sometimes apply, so it’s best to check pricing before calling. Of course don’t forget to check your network access charge, which can vary depending on your service provider.
A connection charge is a one of charge for connecting your phone to a premium rate service. The price can vary, generally speaking on Babestation they are £2.00 per connection plus your cost per minute and network access charge.
These were brought into affect by the regulatory bodies back in the Summer of 2015. The Access Charge is a fixed, per-minute rate charged by your own phone company for calls to all numbers starting with 084, 087 or 09, as well as for calls to '118' directory enquiries services. Different rates apply depending on which operator you use and the tariff you have chosen, so it’s best to check with your service provider.
A service charge is the amount that will be paid to the service you are using. If calling Babestation, the pricing should be clearly marked on- screen and via audio prompt when you call.
To work out the complete cost per minute, you would need to know your service providers access charge when calling a premium rate number. Then add this to the service charge plus any possible connection charges.
In every message you receive from a service, it should give you information on how to stop and opt out of receiving any promotional messages. Usually the way to do this is to text back STOP to the number you have received the message from. This is not charged to you. Depending on the service this may differ, so please check the message and if you’re still not sure you can contact customer services and they will be more than happy to help you opt out of one of our services.
Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring that your phone is not used in error. The best thing to do is speak with one of our friendly customer service assistants. They should be able to go through your phones activity with you and ascertain whether or not your phone has been used in error. The team are also able to block your number from accessing such services should you wish.
Each case is different, dependant on the circumstances surrounding your particular issue. We do our very best to ensure that people have the correct information on the pricing of our services and that people understand that they are responsible for paying for these services.
There are specific numbers when calling from Ireland, which should be displayed on- screen. When calling from Ireland you have the option of paying via your phone bill or using your credit card.
Depending on the service you are using, this can differ slightly. Pricing information is displayed on- screen and you should hear an audio prompt when calling informing you of the cost of the service. An average cost per minute is €3.05 but this can be more or less.
Babecall VIP Service
The Babecall VIP service is a subscription service that allows you to take advantage of many aspects of babestations products and services for a monthly fee.
It costs £20.00 per month to become a VIP member and you are billed once per month unless you decide to cancel the subscription.
Payments can be made using your credit card.
For a £20.00 subscription you receive the following: - 200 free credits each month to use on babecall - Free access to our BSX pay to view channel online - Access to a library of thousands of pictures and videos exclusive to Babestation and the models past and present - Gold membership in the chat box which makes your comments and chat more visible to the girls
To cancel you simply log in using your details, click the 'My Account' button at the top of the babecall player, then select subscriptions and you can choose whether or not you would like to cancel your subscription from there. I have a question or complaint about the service, who do I speak to? How? You can speak with one of our friendly receptionists by dialling a freephone number which is 0333 335 0298
A unique service which allows you to share a live video stream of yourself with the girls in the studio.
Once you have logged into the members area on the site, you simple select the girl you would like to share your video stream with from the right hand side of the homepage. You can then select 'cam2studio' and start streaming for the girl in the studio to see.
The service will cost £2.00 per minute to send your video stream.
You can pay using your card or top up your account via SMS using your mobile phone.
You can speak with one of our friendly receptionists by dialling a freephone number which is 0333 335 0298
Only the girl in the studio will ever see your video.
No, the videos are streamed live from your computer, we do not save / record or make any copies of the content sent to us via cam2studio.
No, currently you can watch the live stream of the TV show but you won't be able to stream your video whilst watching the girls webcam at the same time.